Chloe in Vintage | Portland Oregon Children Portrait Photographer

This precious 6-year-old belongs to me, and sometimes she is just an angel, other times not so much. You can see her whole range of expressions here in these photos, lol. I have a friend who sells vintage clothing on Etsy, and sometimes she sends me clothing to photograph. This is one of those outfits….

Girls in Vintage | Portland Oregon Children Photograher

Last month I went to visit my bestie and I took photos for her vintage clothing shop. We dressed our little girls, and one of her daughter’s friends up in her vintage dresses and took the girls on an adventure. We went to an arboretum by her house and had a magical evening. Okay, it…

Hill Family | Portland Oregon Family Photographer

Last week I went to Reno to visit my best friend since childhood, and while I was there I got to take their family photos. My friend was feeling a little under the weather so we had to change our plans from outdoor to indoor. Luckily they have a really beautiful headboard so we just…

Baby Finn | Portland Oregon Baby Photographer

While babysitting my sweet nephew, we did a little impromptu photo session. He was happy as soon as we went outside. Can’t wait until he’s old enough to go on outdoor adventures, because I have a feeling he’s going to be all about it.

Art Birthday Party | Portland Oregon Event Photographer

My daughter had her 6th birthday party in our backyard, and it was an art party. I love that her birthday party is at the end of May because we can usually get away with an outdoor party. This was a fun party to plan but it was definitely time-consuming. The rainbow jello pops took…