Solar Eclipse – How to Prepare, Portland Traffic Expectations and Photo Tips

Don’t sleep in on August 21st because you may miss a once in a lifetime opportunity! I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the solar eclipse that will be moving across the united states next month, but if you’re planning to try and see it, are you all ready?


Art Birthday Party | Portland Oregon Event Photographer

My daughter had her 6th birthday party in our backyard, and it was an art party. I love that her birthday party is at the end of May because we can usually get away with an outdoor party. This was a fun party to plan but it was definitely time-consuming. The rainbow jello pops took…

Parties | Portland Oregon Event Photographer

I photographed events 2 weekends in a row, a nautical themed baby shower and a Harry Potter birthday party. Both weekends were equally full of fun and laughter. Here are some highlights from each party: