Playing in the Sun | Portland Oregon Child Photographer

This weekend we finally got some sun! It’s been so rainy, my kids were going a little stir crazy being stuck inside after school every day. Sunday ended up being amazing! We played basketball, jumped on our trampoline, went to the park for a little bit, and went out for lunch. These two definitely got out their energy because they were both passed out in random places by 7pm on the first day of Daylight Savings (when they really should have wanted to stay up an hour later than their bedtime).

iPhone photos of my daughter sleeping on the floor(in a hat?), and my son sprawled out on the couch. The story here is that my son was watching videos with Daddy and fell asleep, and my daughter decided she was going to take a “cat nap” (see the ears on the hat?), set out blankets on the floor, and then actually fell asleep.


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