Mine | Portland Oregon Children Photographer

How about a post of random images of my 2 goofy kids? Enjoy!SillyE2pics
He is the king of silly faces.

FirstDayofSchool 017_edit
He loves school, thank goodness 🙂

DavidSamuel 001
My daughter is known for putting together the weirdest outfits. And she will make an outfit out of anything… a blanket, piece of fabric, box, ribbon, whatever. So here she is in a shirt she stole out of my drawer, with a ribbon tied around it. And of course she had to complete the outfit with a crocheted hat. Perfection.

FathersDay 052
This one is actually my son and my sort-of niece. They are precious.

Ah, the Valentine’s Day photos I took earlier this year! I dressed them up in Daddy’s clothes and photographed them, then printed it for our wall as a gift to my husband. He cried a little.

chloeromper 021sm
I crocheted this ruffled romper and here’s my daughter modeling it. Of course she accessorized it with a huge bow in the middle of her forehead. It’s her signature look.

KidsOutside 282SepiaOkay, last one. Here they are together last Christmas, all chubby arms and long eyelashes. This one is printed on a canvas on our wall. Hope you enjoyed the little peek into my life 🙂


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