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Becca Jean Photography | Teen Girl Poses

I did a photo shoot today with my niece and her friend. They were my guinea pigs because I have been watching Sue Bryce videos for the past week and studying her techniques and taking in all the info she gives on how to be a glamour portrait photographer. I have always wanted to make a business out of photography but I never really knew how to make it happen. With the help of Sue Bryce’s amazing teaching, I now have the confidence to go out and start my own business. I am really excited about it.

AmandaLys 095

Becca Jean Photography | Teen Girl Poses

My first shoot after deciding on a style and learning hundreds of new poses was a really big success. I don’t have a studio so we just used my husband’s “man cave.” Haha. I had to rearrange all the furniture in there so I could use a corner of the room that had the best light coming from the window. The hubby was very surprised to see tulle skirts, backdrops, stools, etc. all over his manly room. I promise to have it back to normal tomorrow 😉

Becca Jean Photography | Teen Girl Poses

I do natural light photography, so I don’t have to carry around any heavy lights. Just some backdrops, stools, boxes, etc.

Prices and more info about booking a session coming soon.

One more photo before you go…

Becca Jean Photography | Twos


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